Monday, 15 May 2017

How to Reverse Aging and Eliminate Illness...

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How to Reverse Aging and Eliminate Illness...

     Did you know that we can reverse our aging process by ten years or more. We can defend our brains and bodies against mental decline and aging. A ground breaking discovery at Princeton University has led to anti-aging and enhanced wellness which is a benefit to old, middle aged and the young – enhancing brain health and thus enhancing our quality of life. 

     Coupled with powerful plant enzymes, proteolytic probiotics, life enhancing whole food supplements and a healthy lifestyle we can prevent and eliminate many illnesses. Many have eliminated and have had superb benefits of improvement with illnesses such as dementia, alzheimers, death-bed cancer, MS, ALS, lupus, diabetes, etc....
     Coupled with a health lifestyle we can increase our brain performance for a healthy focused mind and stay in ideal health way into our 'Golden' years...!!!

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What is EHT® Mind Supplement and how does it work? 4:52 minutes

Nerium EHT How It Works with PP2A Best Natural Brain Supplement    7 minutes


EHT® Brain Supplement: How can EHT help me? 1:42 minutes


Dr. Daniel Amen Recommends Nerium EHT® for Brain Power!
My Mom was diagnosed with the beginning stages of dementia two years ago, and she had a lot of trouble with focus and memory. She also had severe anxiety and chronic fatigue due to her arthritis pain. She has been using EHT since it first came out in April 2014, and she is very happy with her results, and so am I. I asked her to share and she said she would in hopes that others might get the same results she has. Let me state that this is in no way a medical claim to cure anything, but it has helped her immensely and I can truly tell the difference. I am so happy for her. I hope someone out there will give it the same chance and it will help them as well.

 The Nerium Company   

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A REAL EARNING potential...!!!
A chance to really dream BIG...!!!
With time-freedom and super EARNINGS...???

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             Health is NOT a Matter of CHANCE, 
           It’s just a Matter of CHOICE..!!!
            Reclaim Your Health Today!

Friday, 12 May 2017

Avena Originals Specials....

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Treat your Mom to some natural beauty products this Mother's day!  

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What the package includes
  • Precious Oil
  • Remedy a Transdermal Skin Cream
  • Body Splash

H/C Plus -  $52.00
Sale Price - $46.80 ea

Colloidal Silver Spray - $26.50
Sale Price - $23.85 ea

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New Avena Product

Remedy Skin Cream 50 ml - $39.95
Remedy Sample 7ml - $5.95

Para-Ease - $52.00
Sale Price - $46.80 ea

Essential Roll On Oils - $9.99
Sale Price - $8.99 ea

Avena Product Kit

Parasite Cleanse Program
 $199.95 ea

Raw Kombucha Mojito

  • 1/2 cup chopped mint
  • 3 Tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice
  • 2 Tbsp freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 3 Tbsp Agave Nectar
  • 1/2 tsp lime zest
  • 2 cups Kombucha
  • 1 cup of ice

  1. Mix together all ingredients.
  2. Chill and serve as a refreshing spring drink.
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Sunday, 2 April 2017

What can we do to prevent and eliminate illness...???

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What can we do to prevent and eliminate illness...??? 
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Sunday, 18 December 2016


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VOXXLifes's Mission is to Reach ONE BILLION People Reach Their Wellness Goals
Using Our HRP Technology
If I can get more energy and power, better balance and stability, increased performance and stamina, quicker reaction and recovery time and even pain relief, just by putting on a pair of socks – I’ll do it.
Scientifically tested and validated that these insoles and socks deliver instantaneous results. (More products in the works.)
If you play sports, are on your feet a lot or getting into those senior years this product is a MUST!
If you are looking for drug free pain relief along with a growing list of additional benefits please check out to learn more.
Here’s what to do:
– Watch the 3-minute video -
    Founder and CEO talks about VOXXLIFE and watch the other Vimeo videos...
Independent Study and Testing Results...  --contact us and we will send the pdf...

– Go to our site... great testimonials of people alleviating back, foot, knee, fibromyalgia, exercise and surgical pain and much more.
– See all the products or make a purchase go to our member site
A 30 day moneyback guarantee. And more products in the works...!!!

A 12 BILLION DOLLAR Market...  

Become an affiliate and earn a superb income... BEST ever comp plan EVER...!!!
file:///C:/Users/LENOVO/Documents/VOXXLife.pdf    --contact us and we will send the pdf...
Click on... 'Associate Registration' top left of page or go to: Use: ID # 6996295 Sponsor: Louis Hoolaeff
See below for Associate details...  

Order and/or join here...

Dr Shayne Fria... Chiropractor and Exercise Physiologist
This video demonstrates the 3 tests that incorporate the VoxxLife PRODUCT DEMO we use to demonstrate the immediate difference in balance, stability and flexibility you achieve with Voxx HPT technology. You can use Voxx Stasis Socks or VoxxSol Performance Insoles to provide the immediate difference provided by Voxx HPT technology.

Needs password... Join to see in your backoffice...

We have produced this video of Mary Lou Venerable. Mary Lou lives in Tennessee and visited the Head Office in Toronto the end of November. She started wearing the socks the day she arrived at the office....the rest is history as you will see in this 6minute video......a remarkable testimony about the effect of these amazing products. 
Testing with Mary Lou...

Golfing Improvements With Performance Enhancing Insoles From Voxxsol

VOXXLife FaceBook page...

Testimonial from Detroit Redwings... Matt Lorito

Donna Vakalis and her pursuit of excellence in the Modern Pentathlon. Listen to Donna discuss her use of Voxx products in major competitions for the past year.

VoxxLife Founder and CEO Jay Dhaliwal has a very open discussion with a new Associate, Heather Sullivan. Heather shares his story about what Voxx Stasis socks did to help her in the 24 hours she has used the product. In addition, Jay gives a very open and informative discussion describing the science and the history of how Voxx HPT was developed.

Become an Associate... Use ID... # 6996295 Sponsor: Louis Hoolaeff
You can become an associate for as little as $40. This gives you welcome
package which gives you a free pair of socks, allows you to buy the Voxx
products at cost, and gives you your own replicated website so others
can order off you and you will make 30% profit without holding stock.
There is no commitment to sell product and there are no drop shipments
that you have to sell. If you decide you want more product to sell or
for samples to prospective clients then we do have a launch kit you can
buy as a new Voxx member. It costs $200 (plus the $40 membership fee)
and you receive approximately $270 worth of product at cost which you
can sell at $390 this gives you $190 of profit.

If you would like to take it further and make this a growth business for
yourself, here is a brief outline of how this works. If you bring
someone in under you, you now are a qualified Associate and you will
receive 7% of everything they sell. You can bring on board as many of
these first line people as you wish and you will still receive 7% of
everything that these people sell. If your first line people bring on
individuals under them, then you will receive 3% of their sales and this
form of recruitment can go 8 levels deep. As a qualified associate you
will be expected to sell $100 worth product each month to show you are
invested personally, and professionally in your business, and as a
business example to your recruits.

We suggest that you either get the $40 membership or the $200 launch kit
to try the products yourself and or sell them to see their results.]

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Use: ID # 6996295 Sponsor: Louis Hoolaeff 

 If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me,
and I will be happy to help you with any training in the future.

Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Presentations... 100,000 dis-eases... ONE CAUSE...

The Black Door

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Recently, a friend handed me a short story by Paul J. Meyer called "The Black Door." As I read it, I saw myself in the story's prisoner: fearful of the unknown behind a door.
In the story a spy is captured during a desert war. The wise old warlord, who sentences him to death, gives him the choice to either face a quick death by the firing squad or take his chances by passing through a mysterious black door.
Minutes before the execution, the warlord asks the frightened spy, "What have you chosen: the firing squad or the black door?"
Imagining terrible torture behind the massive black door, the spy tells the warlord that he chooses the firing squad. Moments later, rifle shots signal his death.
The old warlord turns to his aide and says, "You see how it is with people? They will always prefer the known to the unknown. That man went quietly to his death though I gave him a choice."
"What lies beyond the black door?" asks the aide.
"Freedom," replies the warlord, "and I've known very few men brave enough to take it."
I thank God He gives me strength to face the unknown.

And so it is with many people. They are fearful of the unknown. They tend to do what they have always done. Is it a wonder that in health people tend to do the same things that keeps them in ill health. Is that why cancer and many other illnesses are dominant in so many people... and so many young people!

People are passing on at a young age and even infants are acquiring all sorts of illnesses. The Educational Presentations that we bring are intended to help people from acquiring these dis-eases. Help people stay youthful, maintain superb health and prevent illnesses.
Overcome your fears and attend presentation.

-- 100,000 dis-eases – one cause...-- Learn what the cause is...
Request our "Educational Health" package.
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Check it out Professor_3 

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We have Cloud Radio on our site with numerous health topics.
And the tasty raw recipes...
Many article and newsletters are there to inform how to stay in 'Ideal' health..

  Cancer – Could the Cure be in the Cause?  Newsletter of Jan – Mar 2008
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Note: Nothing cures anything...
Only the body will heal itself once supplied the proper tools... the nutrients.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Cause of All Disease -- Health Presentations

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The Cause of All Disease

HELP OTHERS and be HIGHLY REWARDED...!!! see details below...

Have More Energy, Look                
Younger & Feel Amazing...!!!

Join Avena Originals as we share the
SECRETS of Nutrition & Natural Health!
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Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS

Victoria, BC
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The Cause of All Disease
 Did you know while everyone’s popping vitamins, thinking they’re rewarding their body with health, there is a powerful secret they are not aware of... 
Powerful health teachings revealed by former
MD, Dr. Michael O'Brien who spoke to
thousands of medical doctors.
 See Michael O'Brien bio below.
POOR MEMORY                              
HEART CONDITIONS                        
and much, much more...

                                             Secrets NOBODY is
talking about, but are
proving to be life

Presented by... Kameron Tarry
A professional health educator who
was inspired by watching his own
mother overcome her crippling, life
threatening, Lupus.

Join him as he will teach you what
TRUE HEALTH is - and how it is achievable.
Don’t Miss Out.

Health is Not a Matter of
It’s a matter of CHOICE!

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Avena is Now Streaming Live...
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click on: 'Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle'
A Fusion of Vitamin E
Realities of Raw Living Foods
Health! Do You Get It?
Phyto Proteins – Natures Answer to Our Protein Problems

The Spark of Life – Enzymes

Power in Proteolytic Probiotics!
Decoding Detoxification!
Whats Wrong with our Health? 
Revitalize Conference 2014 – Drew Taddia Review

Dr. Roger Gunderson – Benefits Of Ionic Formulations



                            Health company.

See all the details here...  

Click on: 'Exclusive Advantage'          

 Become a member and receive tremendous benefits.... Join TODAY referral is: LeadingEdgeHealth #10164

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We are inviting you to another Health Presentation.
Sponsored by a quality Canadian Health Company.

Our goal is to help as much people as possible in their health challenges. Avena Originals is a Canadian health company located in Red Deer, AB and US outlet in Washington state.

A Health Educational Company and supply some of the MOST POWERFUL and MOST PUREST health products that bring RESULTS...!!! See the attained results on our site.
Learn about nutrition and health secrets that nobody talks about, but prove to be life changing. Learn the real cause and elimination of illness as taught by former MD, Dr. Michael O'Brien who spoke to thousands of medical doctors worldwide.

Michael O'Brien held a lecture in Victoria several years ago to an audience of about 300 attendees. His work is being carried on for some 20 years and being presented to a vast audience across Canada.

Michael O'Brien – as a former Director of two Los Angeles Medical Clinics, witnessed the poor results of people's attempts in achieving good health. After many years in practice and many more years of research, Michael developed ‘user friendly’ methods to address even the most challenging diseases that our society faces today. Tremendous success of restoring health has been attained with his knowledge.
Michael O'Brien -- was instrumental in Dr. Bernard Jensen's “Victory Over cancer”, and then paralysis, and as Dr. Jensen put it, “He did the most for me”.

Learn the full story of this amazing recovery at the presentation.

Come learn some key nutritional facts that have been lost over our fast food generations. Let us show you how you could heal yourself from almost any degenerative diseases and symptoms. Maintain health and prevent illness and dis-ease.

Avena Originals is committed to help wherever people may need it. They will do presentations if people commit to attend and also do on-line or phone presentations in people's homes -- ...

We strive for Ideal Health... The life you save may be your own...!!!
* Please share and pass this information on to others... 
 * We offer Educational Health packages on request.

... "Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world"
...Nelson Mandela
Health is Not a Matter of Chance –
Only a Matter of Choice!!!

Presentation highlights...

100,000 Diseases, and no cures.

Did you know all 100,000 diseases are being caused by one problem, discover this problem and what you can do prevent it.
Exposing the primary cause behind all of them.
What if 100,000 diseases weren't diseases at all? What if they were all symptoms of one true disease, one that is affecting almost every person today.  At this event, we will discuss how over 165 major medical journals around the world are saying that there is a single common denominator in almost every symptom of 'bad health'. All answers directed them to poor bowel, and digestive health is the underlying cause of an exceptionally large number of diseases.

The Missing Link and 'Enzymes'

There has to be a common denominator among all these new diseases, there is and we will show you what it is and why we really need to understand it.

Power in Proteolytics

Learn why the word proteolytic is so powerful and why you absolutely need it in your Natural Health Products.

Truth About Proteins

Protein is one of the most popular industries as it such an important macronutrient, but it is time to re-assess everything you think you know about protein.

Sports nutrition

Heal faster, recover stronger, and prevent more injuries. Learn first hand from a few of our professional athletes how better nutrition plays a major factor in athletics.